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Welcome to Chaos Spawns Order on Eonar server. We are a new raiding guild on Eonar, focusing on progressing and clearing content to benefit and improve the guild and its members. When raiding we want to keep a positive and serious raid environment in our guild. Currently we are focusing on some progress in 10 man raids, but are getting our numbers up for 25 mans!

Our Current Raid times are 8p - 12a Tuesday

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Raid Comp

Floresca, Sep 27, 12 12:39 PM.
OK people, now that MoP is live and we have time to adjust and a few hit 90, me and the GM have kicked around a few ideas about raid comp and how to form the core team. I Think we have found a solution. firstly the raids will be Live 2 weeks after the drop of MoP, For those of you who cant count that means on Tuesday October 9th Raids go live. Therefore be geared in that 2 week span, its possible. Use your guildies for gear and help. Now in order to be considered for a raid spot you have to be on a challenge team with at least a Silver rating for 5 dungeons. This is for a reason. The reason being that you need to communicate and listen in order to make a silver rating on the Dungeons, this will assure me and GM know that you can listen and process the information being passed out in vent for the raid. Any question hit me on here or in game. 
Happy Questing, good luck on your Drops!


Floresca, Sep 27, 12 12:30 PM.

Congratulations to our first 3 to level 90, Bearmaced (Harrison), Palasweet (Sean G.), and Floresca (Ben). All 3 Hit 90 at the same time on Thursday Apprx 2:20 am Server!

Theramore Tuesday

Floresca, Sep 12, 12 1:36 AM.
As we get closer to the launch of Mists of Pandaria, the Theramore Scenario goes live next Tuesday after whatever down time they may or may not have planned for us. This is going to big for two reasons. First its the only pre MoP event were going to get. Secondly a scenarios may be completed 15 times in a week by a guild for 50k guild xp per guild group and 100g for the bank, so that's 750k xp and 1.5k g which the vast majority do utilize guild repairs so lets get all 15 done quickly for a good boost of Guild xp. Once MoP hits, we will have to wait until lvl 90 to partake in anymore scenarios.
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